Charlie Koolhaas & Guests

16 June 2020

Charlie Koolhaas will be re-examining the exhibition and the book ‘City Lust’ in the light of the monumental events that have been taken place since the opening of the exhibition earlier this year.During a live online event, she will talk with guests about the themes of her photographic work. An evening about migration, informality, urban planning and music in various cities around the world.

Guests of this evening are:

Kunlé Adeyemi | architect, designer and development researcher, and the founder of NLÉ – a practice for innovating cities and communities.
Adeola Enigbokan | spatial design researcher, with a background in anthropology, sociology and art and architecture.
Fenna Haakma Wagenaar | architect and currently design lead at the Municipality of Amsterdam.
Jorn de Vries | graphic designer, dj and one of the initiators of Operator Radio, an online radio station and cultural platform.