Post65 Files II

Rotterdam Culture City

5 September - 30 November 2024

Autumn 2024, OMI will present a follow-up to the successful exhibition The Post 65 Files. After the the gigantic office complexes from the 1970s, this time the focus is on the development of Rotterdam as a cultural city. The large blocks dictated by the Basisplan from 1946, which were developed gradually over time, left large voids in the urban fabric. Human scale, entertainment and conviviality were sorely lacking in the post-war city centre. After almost 40 years, a new vision was presented in 1985, entitled the City Centre Plan. It argued for a vibrant city centre that combined living, working and entertainment. In the 1980s, culture, tourism and recreation received a major boost with countless ideas and plans for a more attractive Rotterdam.

The exhibition presents landmark cultural buildings from this period, that often resulted from competitions, and were extensively discussed in the media. Important cultural designs from that time are now part of renewal again. The Museum Park has already been completely changed, the Central Library will soon be renovated, and new plans are in the pipeline for the Maritime Museum and the Schouwburgplein. The history and future of these cultural buildings are presented with models, design drawings, promotional material, films and photos. During the exhibition there is a program with excursions, film screenings and presentations highlighting specific themes.

Idea, research and compilation:

OMI | Pieter Kuster, Emine Yilmazgil & Stefanie Korrel

Exhibition design:

Iris van der Wal

Graphic Design:

Vennica Sidibanga Kaseye


Vivian Beekman

Exhibition construction:

Ulli Baisch, Jurgen van der Vlies

In cooperation with:

Bureau Monumenten en Cultuurhistorie, Centrale Bibliotheek, Maritiem Museum, Powerhouse Company, Quist Wintermans Architekten, West 8 urban design & landscape architecture