Straatwild x ZigZagCity


Sunday, 30th October

Straatwild takes place in the public space, where different lifestyles come together. As a spectator you get a headset and you are guided by the dancers of Vloeistof along the Afrikaanderplein, where they interact with pedestrians. Through dance, music and spoken text, Vloeistof creates an experience in which you start to question what is’real’ and what is not. Are your assumptions correct or not?

Foto: Moon Saris

The audience itself always plays an important role in the dance performances of Vloeistof. Be it a casual passer-by, pedestrian or a visitor, you suddenly find yourself involved as a part of a larger whole, maybe even before you realize it.


14:30-15:15 hours


€ 4,-


NIFFO Galerie, Pretorialaan 4B