Rotterdam Fungi Map

Studio 1:1

22 December 2022

From gardens to city parks, residents make more intensive use of green spaces in the city. The unique Rotterdam Fungi Map by Studio 1:1 makes the invisible visible. The living fungi gradually reveal how trees and other vegetation are connected underground. Studio 1:1 launches the fungi map at OMI with a short presentation followed by drinks.

Corona has significantly changed the way we experience the city its public spaces. We have come to increasingly value our own neighbourhoods, pedestrian routes through the city, and also urban greenery. However, the importance of urban ecological networks is not always understood. They consist not only of connections for flora and fauna above ground but also of a healthy soil life below ground. Studio 1:1 shows in an original way how the greenery is linked up with one another through a mycelium network.




16:00-18:00 uur

Idea & design: