Rondje Ruit

Jeroen Erosie

7 April - 30 May 2016

In the periphery of Rotterdam one can find the longest monument of the reconstruction: the highway network, also known as the ‘diamond’ or the ‘ring’ of Rotterdam. Architects are very enthusiastic about the fly-overs, bridges and tunnels that change a simple car ride into a spectacle. Artist Jeroen Erosie chose a different approach and discovered the surrounding landscape by bike. The glorious diamond suddenly got a whole new meaning as the monumental construction turned out to be a sequence of fragments.

In this exhibition Erosie shows his interpretation with a big mural and photos. He builds on the long traditions of mural art, from reliefs to graffiti. In his painting he abstracted the aesthetics of the post-war reconstruction into a contemporary work of art. The photos form a personal travel journal from his cycling tours around ‘Rondje Ruit’, they show the left over spaces in full glory.