The dike that saw everything

Studio Verter, 2023

Foto: Ossip van Duivenbode

Brede Hilledijk has had an eventful history and witnessed all the changes that have occurred in the Afrikaanderwijk district: from a polder landscape to a residential neighbourhood. The dike acted as a water barrier in the polder landscape, connected Rotterdam with the villages of Katendrecht and Charlois, and later became part of the dockland landscape. The first neighbourhood for workers, so-called navvies, developed to the north of the dike, and new residents kept arriving. The spatial installation The dike that saw everything offers changing views of the surroundings and celebrates the history and development of both the dike and the district.

Studio Verter is the architecture studio of Claudio Saccucci and Roxane van Hoof. In their work they pursue clear architecture with attention for details and materials. 

Brede Hilledijk


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