West Side Stories #2 @RAM19

5 June 2019

Het Oude Westen is the cradle of urban renewal, where residents played a crucial role in the development of the district. Small-scale was central to the spatial approach of the houses, streets, squares, inner gardens and cross connections. How can you analyze and visualize this versatility from a contemporary perspective?

Architects Nina Aalbers and Ferry in ’t Veld (ArchitectuurMaken), also residents of Oude Westen, explore the different courtyards that reveal a wealth of atmospheres and uses. Researcher and writer Tim Verlaan (UvA and Failed Architecture) presents his impressions of an evening walk through the neighbourhood, and afterwards places the urban renewal in Rotterdam in an international perspective of comparable urban renewal projects.

Spoken word artist Wessel Klootwijk gives a poetic interpretation of this young layer in the city, and critic Piet Vollaard will bring all time critic Jop Steenhouwer alive.