Architecture Festival

18 August - 3 September 2023

This summer, architecture festival ZigZagCity takes you on a voyage of discovery through Rotterdam-Zuid. The ZigZagCity route runs, off the beaten track, from Hof van Zuid via the Afrikaanderwijk to Maashaven Station. Along the way, there are spacial interventions by artists and architects, performances, workshops and guided tours, allowing you to see the city from new perspectives.

Idea & compilation:

Emine Yilmazgil, Pieter Kuster and Stefanie Korrel

Artists and designers:

Willem Besselink, Ruben Dario Kleimeer, Cengiz Mengüç, Nadia Nena Pepels and Studio Verter (Roxane van Hoof & Claudio Saccucci)

Graphic design:

Studio Spass