Making Public Spaces

Ruud Brugghe & Wolbert van Dijk

10 April - 15 May 2022

(Interior) architect and artist Ruud Brugghe created five public spaces with a socio-cultural function in the Oude Westen, such as the Leeszaal, Jeugdbieb and Werkplaats Duurzaam. The outdoor projects – the podium in the Tussentuin and the tea house in Tuin de Bajonet – were designed in coherence with the green projects by landscape designer and urban planner Wolbert van Dijk.

With drawings, photos and objects, the exhibition at OMI shows the design history of these special spaces.


OMI i.s.m. Joke van der Zwaard

Thanks to:

Paul Claessens, Wolbert van Dijk & the habitants of  Oude Westen