Mapping Oude Westen

November 2019

Specially for West Side Stories, artists and architects present their take on the Oude Westen. The maps offer a detailed survey of the entire district, its street life, the distinctive design of urban renewal projects, and the courtyards hidden from the view of visitors.

ArchitectuurMaken (l) Charlie Koolhaas (r)

ArchitectuurMaken explores with their map ‘The hidden rooms of the Oude Westen’ the current state of the courtyards, largely concealed from the view of passers-by because of the perimeter blocks. Artist Charlie Koolhaas shows with her photo map the Oude Westen as a neighbourhood  where the spirit of Rotterdam’s cultural tolerance and history of social activism remains and thrives.

Studio Verter

Studio Verter provides a detailled picture of the characteristics of the urban renewal architecture. The buildings are united through their gestures. It’s an architecture defined by the articulation of its parts. The map of artist and resident Bart Isings shows a personal bird’s-eye view of the neighbourhood and the surrounding city.

Bart Isings