Workshop Stories of a Street

Rijnhoutplein Festival

6 July 2024

On Saturday, July 6 the Rijnhoutpleinefstival will take place for the fifth time in the Oude Westen neighbourhood. A pleasant afternoon  with a local market, fashion shows, various workshops, musical poetry and a DJ for all your requests. 

This afternoon, join the workshop of collaborative embroideryby architects Leyla Hepsaydir and Rebekka Schächer. For the project Stories of a Street they brought the many stories of the Nieuwe Binnenweg to life in a collage of quotes, photos and an unique tapestry of the street. During the festival you can chat about your memories and hopes for the neighbourhood, while stitching the tapestry. No experience required!

Stories of a Street is part of the exhibition Current Traces #01 | Streets, Sounds, Shades, on display at OMI. In this group exhibition, the work of other artists can also be seen. Gill Baldwin has incorporated plants from the OMI’s garden into a large revolving installation. And photographer Elvira Smit takes you to the everyday places where public warning sirens sound every month. The exhibition can also be viewed on Saturday, July 6. 


Saturday 6 July 2024


13:00 – 17:00


Elfie Tromp, Keimpe de Jong, Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva


Bart Isings, Gersande Schellinx, Rebekka Schächer en Leyla Hepsaydir, Dress for Success, Invalid Atelier, Leeszaal West, Atelier Herenplaats, Vinylspot, Bsur Hair, Mam’s Coffee, Stichting Vooruit, Printroom, OMI