Artist Talk

Gill Baldwin

27 June 2024

Talk by artist Gill Baldwin. In the group show Current Traces: streets, sounds, shades she presents her work Rolling Landscapes. In this installation, artist Gill Baldwin brings ‘nature’ indoors at OMI. She cut branches off the plants in the back garden, inserted them into floral water tubes, and attached them to a metal cylinder. The branches are forced to move with the constant rotation of the installation. Gill is fascinated by the way nature in the city continues to go its own way even as people fanatically try to control it. In her work, she playfully sets in motion this contradiction between creating nature and nature’s unruliness.

Gill Baldwin (1992, Canada) is a multi-disciplinary artist. Working mainly in kinetic sculpture and painting she explores the biases and behaviours of contemporary technologies within the built environment and their affect on the neighbourhood, the self, and human agency. Selected exhibitions include, Art Rotterdam, Van Gogh Museum and V2_Lab for Unstable Media.


20:00 – 21:00